Our work

Our current information pamphlet is available here: German, Arabic, Farsi, English, French

This Self-conception is the foundation of our work.

The Refugee´s Council Saxony-Anhalt Reg. Assoc. is committed to the awareness of the rights of refugees and the imporvement of their living situation.
With our work we promote public support of the human rights of refugees.

Since 1994, we have worked nationwide with refugee´s social and legal problems and thereby countering racism and discrimination.

  • with campaigns and public relations events
  • with demands on political decision-makers
  • in counseling for refugees and disseminators as well as referral to counseling centers and lawyers
  • by submitting applications to the legal aid fund of Pro Asyl
  • in networks with initiatives, organisations and advice centers
  • in supporting refugee organizations.

The work of the Refugee Council Saxony-Anhalt Reg. Assoc. includes the analysis of the German refugee policy with its laws and political practice. These include asylum policy and its laws, the right to remain, the accommodation of refugees and their access to state benefits. But social participation, systematic discrimination and racism are also issues with which we grapple and position ourselves politically.

The Refugee Council is a member

  • the Hardship Commission of Saxony-Anhalt
  • of the board of the round table for immigration and integration, against racism in Saxony-Anhalt
  • the Federal Working Group on Pro Asyl
  • of the network of state refugee councils

We are an organization independent of parties and churches and are financed by membership fees, donations and project funding.

The Refugee Council Saxony-Anhalt Reg. Assoc. is a registered non-profit association. Our board works on a voluntary basis. We have two offices with full-time employees.

Members of the board:

Robert Fietzke
Reem Alrahmoun
Liban Hassan Awsaid


Dr. Christiane Berger
Peter Wanja Schubert

Full-time employees:

Mostafa Albatah Alhusni
Christine Bölian
Tara Bonyad
Helen Deffner
Denise Neuffer
Stefanie Mürbe
Ingrid Pfennig
Georg Schütze
Frederic Weichselberger
Cynthia Zimmermann