In cases of unfair treatment or other forms of discriminiation it is important to report and file a complaint. By doing so, there are chances to change circumstances and make future discrimination less likely. Our work at the Refugee Council in Saxony-Anhalt relies on information about such cases of discrimination. Therefore, we kindly ask you to make use of our Complaints section below. You can use the form to confidentially report a case to us. We'd like you to give as precise a detail as possible about the cases, particularly who you are complaining about (an authority, public employee etc.), as well as when and where it happened. Note that we treat your information and data confidentially and will never hand it over to a third party without your consent. However, by using this form, none of the data sent to us will be encrypted. Please don't give us any personal details without the consent of the people involved, especially the victims of discrimination. If you feel unsure, you can hand in our case anonymously or with parts redacted. Any kind of hint can be of help to us. Please note that this is for the purpose of our work only and that in general we won't be able to counsel on your case. We can however help you in finding a counselor. Thank you very much for your help!

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