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Information sheets on regulations on the right of residence and other options for residence [various languages]

Information sheets on the regulations on the right of residence and other residence options

according to § 25a AufenthG [right of residence for well integrated children and adolescents]
according to § 25b AufentG [right to stay for well integrated adults]
according to § 25.5 AufenthG [stay for humanitarian reasons]
according to section 60a (2) sentence 4 of the Residence Act [training tolerance]

DE - Deutsch
EN - English
FR - Französisch
DA/FA - Dari/Farsi
BO/HR/RS - Bosnisch/Kroatisch/Serbisch
HI - Hindi

By Refugee Council Saxony-Anhalt e.V. within the project "Right of Residence"
[Editorial deadline October 2018, publication December 2018]

Guide to imminent deportation of a child or adolescent

Options for action, rights and obligations of educational institutions

By GEW Saxony-Anhalt and Refugee Council Saxony-Anhalt

Obligation to cooperate in the law on aliens on the requirements of sanctions for non-participation

From Dr. Carsten Hörich and Stud. Iur. Moritz Putzar-Sattler

Obligation to cooperate in aliens law

Overview of requirements, obligations and information on legal protection in the case of sanctions

Legal opinion

Part 1 - Perspectives of the practical application of the right of residence regulations by the immigration authorities

Part 2 - Enforcement of rights of residence for those affected

By Dipl. Lur. Oliver Wolf

[Editorial deadline June 2018, publication December 2018]


Residence Policy Information (January 2017)
according to §12a AufenthG for Saxony-Anhalt

Position papers

POSITION PAPER of the Refugee Council Saxony-Anhalt on deportations and »return management« (June 2017)

Information brochure

Deportation monitoring at Leipzig / Halle Airport