nationwide contacts


Addresses and advice centers nationwide

Nationwide contact points and organizations

Campaign for the right of Roma refugees from the former Yugoslavia to stay

German branch of the international human rights organization focusing on asylum and flight

Menschenrechte ohne Grenzen e.V.: NGO supporting the rights of refugees

Munich association on politics, practices, events at the borders of Europe

Advice and mediation of anonymous and free medical treatment regardless of residence status

Bundesamt für Migration und Flüchtlinge BAMF

Bundesfachverband Unbegleitete Minderjährige: For rights of young people without custody

Bundesministerium des Inneren – Migration und Integration: Information on immigration, immigration law, protection of asylum and refugees, migration

Bundesweite Arbeitsgemeinschaft der psychosozialen Zentren für Flüchtlinge und Folteropfer: BAfF is the umbrella organization for treatment centers for victims of human rights violations and political persecution.

Deutsches Institut für Menschenrechte: Information and documentation, research, advice to politics and society

Forschungsgesellschaft Flucht und Migration (FFM): Research and analysis of the situation of refugees at the EU's external borders and European migration and refugee policy

nationwide advisory service on social and labor law issues for refugees

GGUA Flüchtlingshilfe e.V.: Advice on residence, asylum law and migration social law

Informationsverbund Asyl & Migration e.V.: Association of organizations active in refugee and migration work

collects information on the situation in countries of origin, together with the information network Asylum and Migration e.V.

Jugendliche ohne Grenzen (JOG): Youth initiative for right to stay, children's and human rights

Self-organization of refugees and migrants, campaign against deportation and racist special laws

Counseling services for refugees

Psychosocial aids for the politically persecuted

Refugee protection platform in Germany

Federal Working Group Pro Asylum for Refugee Rights

Contact point for refugee LGBTI nationwide

Critical homepage regarding the residence obligation

Nationwide campaign calling for continuous refugee admission (resettlement)

Alliance against deportation to Afghanistan - initiative by young Afghan refugees and their supporters.

Campaign against racially motivated police controls

United Nations Refugee Agency, General Information e.g. on international refugee protection, country of origin information

Refugees self-organization

Refugee women and former refugee women for the emancipation and support of refugee women