[IHRC/EIHRC] « Month’s worst case »: Human rights violations in Europe reflected by Media / February 2016

«Month’s worst case» rating is aimed at detection of the worst human rights violation episode or action/inaction by Governments in Europe. Project IHRC (International Human Rights Commission) and EIHRC (European Information Human Rights Center) believe that this kind of regular evaluation of human rights violations is important in terms of promotion of accountability by European Governments.
It was conducted through examination of 50 cases mentioned in regular media updates and first-hand information posted on the Project IHRC/EIHRC web-site in February.

Here is the link to the Monthly Report:  Racially Motivated murder in Rotherham, UK : http://eihrc.org/newsboard/reports/article-1207#.VtsaVw5GQ24.twitter

The European Information Human Rights Center is an independent organisation based in Strasbourg, established to initiate and support human rights protection activities. One main target of EIHRC is the analysis of the structural deficiencies in the implementation of human rights within the EU

Project IHRC is dedicated at promoting overall attention to the increasing cases of human rights violations and protecting the rights of people throughout European continent. Project IHRC works to create alternative truth about rights violations in Europe

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