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Länderbericht Österreich vom Dez. 2014: Probleme bei der Unterbringung, verzögerte Bearbeitung der Anträge, systemische Mängel bei UMF

Hier eine Zusammenfassung des neusten aida Länderberichts Österreich vom Dez. 2014 in englischer Sprache:


The Austrian AIDA report shows that the reception capacity of the Austrian asylum system was severely stretched in 2014. The national authority responsible for processing claims (BFA) was understaffed and experienced problems with its database. In addition, a lack of reception places in face of increased asylum applications lead to serious overcrowding in the initial reception centre.

The report shows that unaccompanied children seeking asylum suffered heavily at the hands of the system’s shortcomings. According to the report, asylum seekers under 18 saw no substantive action taken on their case after registration of their claim. Many did not even have an interview.. Although accepted to the asylum procedure, reception places were lacking, leading to unaccompanied children being accommodated in centres with adults. The inability to incorporate these vulnerable asylum seekers into the special child-adapted reception measures necessary, such as the appointment of a suitable representative, means that Austria’s practice risks the same criticism it faced in the 2012 Human Rights Commissioner Report.

The government has been working on a new programme for the distribution of asylum seekers across the country, which should be operational in July 2015. But the report notes that no draft legislation is yet available which would be necessary to implement the changes.

Der Report kann bei aida country reports Austria eingesehen werden.