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Refugee Bus auf bundesweiter Tournee – Heute bis übermorgen in Sachsen-Anhalt

Heute ist der Refugee Bus am Oranienplatz in Berlin vom Protestcamp der Flüchtlinge zu einer Tour aufgebrochen. Einen knappen Monat lang wird er unterwegs sein und verschiedene Bundesländer, Sammelunterkünfte und Flüchtlingsinitiativen aufsuchen und mit Leuten ins Gespräch.

Heute (26.2) trifft er in Halberstadt ein, morgen in Halle und übermorgen in Bitterfeld.

Im folgenden der Aufruf auf Englisch:

Refugees Revolution Bus Tour

Following a long tradition of refugee struggles against the violation of our human rights, we set
up the Refugee Protestcamp at Oranienplatz, Berlin on the 6th of October. It‘s there, we are keeping
our resistance on the streets since one year and we are still keeping our struggle on the streets and
we will stay until our demands are met! We ask all of you, refugees and asylum-seekers, around Germany
to break the isolation and to break the silence and join your brothers and sisters to the Protestcamp
at Oranienplatz to take what is our right.
To exchange experiences, put aside our common fears and start fighting together, we are heading
for a ‚Refugee Revolution Bus Tour‘ which will start on the 26th of February from Oranienplatz, Berlin.
For three weeks we will visit Lagers in different federal states of Germany in order to spread information
about the protest and invite all of you, the refugees and asylum-seekers, to gather in Berlin
for the big demonstration on 23rd of March.

In order to fight against the inhuman laws in a mass protest, we call you to stand up with us hand
in hand to:
Abolish the inhuman deportation law
Close the Refugee camps
Abolish „Residenzpflicht“

On the 20th of March we will be back in Berlin and all meet to join the ‚Refugees‘ Revolution – breaking
Residenzpflicht, Lager and Deportation‘ on the 23rd of March – to demonstrate the power of
refugees fighting for their basic human rights!
All strikers and supporters of the Refugee Protest are invited to join the bus tour. If you can, bring
your cars and small busses with some free seats!
We will leave Oranienplatz after a press conference the 26th of february at 12pm. But you can also join
along the route. To spend time together, share information and be at the side of the refugees and
asylum-seekers in the Lagers, we will stay near the Lagers for at least one night. For further details
about our route and updated information about the Refugee Revolution Bus Tour, please check